The history of Galaxidi

       To Galaxidi is a seaside town in Fokida prefecture. Is one of the most popular traditional villages managed to attract thousands of visitors annually embracing them with warm hospitality and beauty. Rooted in antiquity in North coast of the Corinthian Gulf on the west side of the Bay of Itea. From 1999 to 2010 was the seat of the municipality Galaxidi under Kapodistrias program. It now has about two thousand inhabitants, according to the Kallikrates program from January 2011 has been merged in the new municipality Delphi.

      Galaxidi, or small this ancient maritime city of Fokida, where as our history in the "Chronicle" of the monk Efthimios (I703 AD ..), "was built very old and evmorfokastrogyrismeno, and having flota Perissa boats and homes," held Western recess Crissaean Creek, located on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf, across Delphi. It is located in the region of the ancient city of Locris, Oianthis (about 3000 BC ..), remarkable naval and commercial state, according to many archaeological finds.

       He's a lot of acne and decline stages, but remained always eminently maritime city with a rich effect. In 4th century BC .. fortified for greater security. It flourished during the Roman period and receives early Christianity by the Apostle Andrew, who went from there going to the place of his martyrdom, Patras, (supplied), and in honor of which there is the chapel in Holy Island George. Two tombs, with three shrines each, are perfect examples of pre-Christian catacombs.

       During the 6th century AD .. about, or ancient Oianthi takes the name Galaxidi. 'The legend wants to get this name from a galaxy, or a mermaid "Galaxafra' younger daughter of the Ocean, or according to another version from a local ruler named Byzantine Galaxidi. Until the 9th AD century Galaxidi flourished as a maritime urban center, based Bishop "The Milky Way" of New Metropolis Present, falling within the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Not inherently or local Church as Apostolic Galaxidi, founded by him in the same Apostle Andrew the First-.

       From the 10th AD century, according to the "Chronicle" Galaxeidi resist invasions of northern "glaring and Christianomachon" Bulgarians, semi-savage Huns and Scythians, and the spiritual "infidelities of the Franks, who always war at Romeikos faith."

     The Franks (13th and 14th century), formerly belonged to the French and Catalan County of Salona even before the Despots of Epirus, one of which, Fr. Michael II Angelos Komninos, builds in 1250 AD the Byzantine Monastery of Christ the Savior, which survives to this day.

      In the late 14th century falls briefly to Knights of Rhodes even after the Palaiologoi the Peloponnese as 1446, when finally reaches the sovereignty of Turks.

      From then until 1820 was a thriving Christian state, thanks to the nautical character, "a unique panorama bliss", through the years of hard slavery, through continuing efforts for freedom in 1571, 1655, 1770.

      Offering Galaxeidioton letters, science, arts, economics, the Church and culture was great. But even greater was the supply and their sacrifice during the revolution of 1821. Leading the Galaxidi raised the flag of the "Holy Cross" in Central Greece and issued the first handwritten newspaper of revolution. They use it first wooden stamp on March 24, 1821 with the words "seal of Freedom" .Oplizoun and have to fight the best and largest ships and help in any way in the revolution by land and sea, animate and inanimate material. In the castle of Salona in Alamana Chani of Gravia, in Messolonghi, in the siege of the Acropolis, their contribution and their sacrifice was great. Result, or complete destruction of Galaxidi in 1821 by the Turkish fleet in 1825 by the satrap of Egypt Ibrahim.

      In 1830 Galaxidi is located in the free Greece and now is reborn from the ashes. Constantly open new shipyards invited the best shipbuilders of the time, created or an original "Water mutuals" and the merchant fleet of Galaxidi is growing. So in 1872 there are 297 ships of over 35,000 tons.

      Acne sea brings prosperity in the historic town. Galaxidi adorned with large churches, schools, model Girls, municipal market and nice homes. Made precious iconostasis of Saint Nicholas.

      Galaxidi with the ships is known throughout the Mediterranean. The Galaxidi famous for their knowledge of languages, kindness, honesty and mutual respect. The nobility was the scent of Galaxeidiotikis life. Wealth shone in Galaxidi through f mansions, with the opulence of the interior, the beautiful furniture, Persian rugs and Arachovitika karpitia, t 'silver dinnerware, Venetian glassware, French miniatures, Russian gold icons and ornaments from the wonderful around the world.

      Tough yet or naval life. When spring came his time misemou the Galaxidi celebrated separation. "The misemos is bad, the farewell poison, and welcome, all kisses and love." But, once reaching the end. In 1890 begins or decline. The sails shrouds steam. The Galaxidi, loyal to rags, they can not 't severed, consider the steam something transient and fatal buried along with the sails. The famous sailing disappear, the Galaxeidiotopoula emigrate and the place is deserted.

      But the Galaxidi could not forget their great love of the sea. They can be turned off as ship owners, but excelled and excel as seafarers, particularly as officers (captains, engineers, radio operators), the 'Greek merchant fleet.

      Galaxidi preserve it as a sacred heritage, both those who stayed, and those who left the big cities for better luck. They kept their traditions and maintained their peculiar architectural style.

      Now Galaxeidi with its inhabitants, quiet, clean, bright, nostalgic, can offer a lot to the visitor. "It has rich archaeological, folklore and naval museum, the church of St. Nicholas with its famous carved iconostasis, Agia Paraskevi with its sundial, the 'Saint John with the valuable picture of Michael Damaskinos" Of the five saints ", the Byzantine Monastery Christ the Savior, remarkable library and nice theater room. 'There is a kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, school tourism jobs, house for young people, Cultural Association, Charity, everywhere Galaxeidioton Association, Association "Oianthi" of America, and issued two local newspapers.

      Galaxidi today offers clear sea, beautiful natural surroundings and above all tranquility. It is ideal for nice walks, great for boating on beautiful nisopoula St. George and Defies for fishing and swimming. It offers relaxation, tranquility and inspires poets, painters and other artists.

      It is the old lady who may have lost its riches, but the left or nobility and kindness.

      The beautiful and picturesque Galaxidi is one of the few places that offer really, "quality of life".